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O:. Bydgoszcz, Grand Orient of Poland

Grand Orient of Poland (Wielki Wschód Polski or WWP)

Wielki Wschód Polski Pieczęć ZakonuWielki Wschód Polski jest stowarzyszeniem wolnomularskim nurtu liberalnego (niedogmatycznego, zwanego też "modernistycznym" lub racjonalistycznym i wywodzącym się z Wielkiego Wschodu Francji) o charakterze mieszanym (inicjuje zarówno mężczyzn, jak i kobiety) działające w Polsce. Poza Wielką Lożą Narodową Polski (WLNP) i Droit Humain, jest to jedna z trzech polskich obediencji masońskich. WWP opiera się na Rycie (obrządku) Francuskim, Szkockim Rektyfikowanym oraz Szkockim Dawnym i Uznanym.

Grand Orient of Poland is an association of liberal freemasonry. It can be desribed as adogmatic, modernist and rationalistic. It roots reach the Grand Orient of France. It represents mixed approach, as it initiates both men and women. Together with Grand Lodge National Polish (WLNP) and Droit Humain (DH), it is one of the three main Polish Masonic obediences. GOoP lodges work in French, Scottish and Scottish Rectified rites.

The Grand Orient of Poland is defined as philanthropic, philosophical and progressive society. Its Principles consist of mutual tolerance, respect for others and oneself, and the absolute freedom of conscience. The motto is: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.

The WWP is referred to as the Sovereign Symbolic Power. As a Grand Lodge, WWP is a member of the International Secretariat of Adogmatic Masonic Organizations and AACEE (Association of Adogmatic Obediences of Central Eastern Europe). It is also linked by number of treaties of friendship and mutual recognition to many Masonic movements throughout the world.

Statutory goals of Grand Orient of Poland:

  1. to seek the Truth
  2. to support Morality
  3. application of human solidarity as a mean of Freemasonry
  4. to work for well being of material and moral position of Humanity
  5. to expand brotherly links to all men around the world.
  6. to help other Freemasons
  7. to teach the value of work
  8. to propagate the idea of helping the weak, justice, dedication to family, country and humanity
  9. to protect the institutions of a secular statey, which is an expression of the principle of reason, tolerance and brotherhood.