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Masonic lodge

galileo galilei

O:. Bydgoszcz, Grand Orient of Poland

Masonic Triangle Johannes and Elisabeth Hevelius in Gdansk

A triangle is a freemason structure resembling a company in organisation. It is not a fully operational Lodge, but it works towards that goal. A Triangle operates under auspices of a supervising lodge (and it is required to get a permission from its Honourable Master). In case of Gdansk triangle Hevelius the parent lodge is located in Bydgoszcz (Bromberg) and carries a name of Galileo Galilei.

In particular, all members of Hevelus Triangle:

Freemasonry in Gdansk, Poland

The apperance of Johannes and Eva Hevelius Triangle is a symbolic relevance to the history of freemasonry in Gdansk. Please note, that tradition of the Craft in the city reaches 17th Century and Gdansk was one of the most masonic centres in Poland, second only to Warsaw. The Craft was struck in 30's by the Nazis and utterly destroyed by WW2 and communist regime. Now, we try to re-establish our presence in Gdansk so the free thought and spirit can fully return to the region.