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O:. Bydgoszcz, Grand Orient of Poland

What does it mean: to be a freemason?

Each member of our Order would probably give their own answers. There is no single, correct, established definition. However, it seems that it is possible to discern some of the common characteristic of all Masons, regardless of obedience, the rite or internal discussions, etc. To be a Freemason is just to be a good person, to love other people and constantly work on our own personality. It is worth quoting one of the basic documents Masonic Anderson's Constitution, which is the basis of most Masonic organizations in the world. There you can read the Freemason should be a free man, a wise and of good manners.

Many non-Masons reading these words probably are going to be surprised. How so? After all, being a Freemason should mean honors, wealth, mystery and of course - Power! The stereotype image of a Freemason is also associated with a continuous conspiracy, scheming, secret and dark rituals. Unfortunately (for some...), the truth about masonry is quite different and has little in common with colored labels. You might as well describe how the work of the journalist films based on the example of Superman (Clark Kent - the Superman is, after all, a reporter).

Being a Mason does not provide any privileges, honors, power or money. On the cotrary, being a Freemason is a voluntary take on of many obligations (self development, humility and a stimulus to learn about yourself and the universe). This is path is on the one hand difficult and bumpy, and on the other - very rewarding if you are honest - with yourself and others.

It is worth noting, that Freemasonry is not considered the only correct way. There are many ways of self-development and many opportunities for finding your own understanding of your Humanity. Yes - we, brothers and sisters in the Art - feel that our choice is right, but that does not mean that every man should be "converted" to Freemasonry. On the contrary - we believe that every person is free and should independently seek to find their roles in the Universe. Tolerance towards the others is one of the deepest truths which identify the Free Mason.

The Very Secret of the Freemasonry

Indeed, the Masonic movement is characterised by discretion and commitment to some kind of internal closure. This does not mean, however, that we are in possession of a great, sinister secret of any kind. The truth is much more trivial (but by a wonderfully beautiful at the same time): the only Masonic secret is ... that there is no secret. Each member of the Lodge of Freemasonry will not find anything more than what he will bring with him.