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O:. Bydgoszcz, Grand Orient of Poland

Johannes and Elisabeth Hevalius

Jan i Elżbieta Heweliusz Gdansk masonic Triangle took a pair of Polish astronomers as patrons of future Lodge. Joahnnes and Eva Hevelius were two uncommon people. Both passionate and dedicated to knowledge, skilled surpassing most of the sciencists of their time. The history of their partnership stands as a symbol of a great unity between Man and Woman in Love, Life and Science.

Johannes (Jan), a true man of the reneissance, was not only a astronomer, but also a mathemathican, engineer and politician (in a good sense of this world). He was also known for his skills in... brewery. His young wife, Elisabeth, was also an outstanding woman. Her brilliant mind outrun frames that were set for a 17th Century women. Let us point out, that she was not only a beloved wife, but a true partner, in life and science.

Johannes Hevelius, a Gdansk astronomer

Obserwatorium Heweliusza Johannes Hevelius (1611-87) came from german-speaking merchant family, which also invested in beer brewery. Young Hevelius attended to Gdansk gymnasium (Athenaeum gedanense) and then continued education in Koenigsberg. He was interested in mathemathics, astronomy and other exact sciences, but finally 1630 he took the law and economics studies. During his trip around Europe he met many important sciencists, who became his penpals. He wanted to meet Galielo Galiei, but unfortunately it was unsuccessful. After his return to Gdansk Hevelius build his own observatory with gigantic telescope which became a famous part of Gdansk landscape. The astronomer also took part in city's management becoming Gdansk accessor and then councilor.

Heweliusz In 1663, after death of his first wife, Johannes Hevelius married for the second time. He was 53 and his bride was only 16. Elisabeth was daugther of Dutch merchants, living for years in Gdansk. She was a very smart girl, always fascinated in night sky and one day Hevelius promised her, that he would show her all the secrets of the universe.

Johannes and Elisabeth were a very good pair. They were not only a husband and wife, but also a true, equal partners, which was rather uncommon those days (especially between people of such age difference). Both became a great researchers. Their love and work could be a great example of the ideals of Beauty, Wisdom and Partnership.

Elisabeth Hevelius, a Gdansk female astronomer

Born in 1647 in the rich family of Dutch merchants, she was unique person, skilled and educated and speaking a few languages. She was fascinated by the complexity of surrounding universe, and pursuing the secrets of the Nature. She carried her own researches and experiments, which is very uncommon for a women in 17th Century (note that Galileo Galiei was just sentenced by the Inquisition and stakes wer burning all across the Europe). She made a great partner for her 36 years older husband.